For weight loss surgery patients, dropping pounds isn’t only a physical transformation, there is a significant mental health component to consider as well. Bariatric surgery can be a great step towards improving your health, mind, and body. The decision to pursue bariatric surgery intervention is one that should be carefully considered. In fact, many surgeons require patients to engage in a psychological evaluation prior to surgery. This typically consists of one appointment to take a computer test, and two appointments with a clinician to complete the evaluation.

Clinicians at ECS Psychological Services offer support, preparation, and psychological evaluations tailored to meet the needs of individuals preparing their mind and body for bariatric surgery and the resulting changes. Many individuals elect to maintain therapeutic support throughout their surgery process. ECS clinicians have the knowledge, training, and expertise to support individuals both before, during, and after surgery. The decision to undergo weight loss surgery is a very personal one, which is why we are committed to helping individuals navigate the process in a safe and supportive environment.

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