Dr. Sierra Wait, Ph.D.

Quick Biography

As a doctoral student at the University of New Orleans, Dr. Wait completed her clinical work in infant mental health, with a specific focus on trauma-informed care, working with children, adolescents, and parents. In addition to the clinic, Dr. Wait has worked in schools facilitating social and emotional skills groups and children’s yoga. Dr. Wait’s specific research interests focused on understanding the adverse effects of stressors on the mind and body, and how mindfulness practices (e.g., meditation, yoga) can work to combat the negative impact of stressors.


At ECS Psychological Services, Dr. Wait enjoys working as a therapist to help children, adolescents, and adults manage their own mental health, their relationships, and parenting stress. In addition to therapy, Dr. Wait enjoys conducting psychological evaluations to help individuals and their families, primary care physicians, and schools, better understand mental health and learning disabilities.