Kelly Tobin, Ph.D.

About STAR

Star Behavioral Health Providers is a registry that helps to connect military members and their families with mental health professionals who have received specialized training in assessing, understanding, and treating the specific needs of the military culture and population.

Kelly’s current designation as a registered Star Behavioral Health Provider means she has knowledge and training related to the demands of the military culture, deployments, and duties. Additionally, Kelly is trained to recognize and treat the common challenges and mental health concerns associated with the military to include: depression, sleep disturbances, substance abuse, Traumatic Brain Injury, suicidal ideation, and issues facing spouses and families of military members.

Quick Biography

Kelly Tobin, MA, MS, LMHC, Doctoral Intern has 15 years of experience in the mental health field. She graduated with a Master’s of Arts in Community Counseling Psychology, a Master’s of Science in Psychology and obtained her Mental Health Counselor license in 2008. Kelly is currently completing her internship hours for her PhD in Clinical Psychology. Kelly has significant experience with clients suffering from abuse histories, anxiety, and depression. Kelly was employed by Ellis Hospital for nearly 10 years as a crisis intervention worker, department head, as well as providing inpatient adolescent and forensic assessment. Kelly has spent time counseling in a small private practice in Glens Falls.

Kelly’s approach to therapy is psychodynamic in nature, linking one’s past experiences with their current life stressors. Supporting clients along their emotional path to healing, Kelly assists clients with obtaining insight into how their past effects their present and future. She has also received training through the National Guard to provide counseling to military personnel and their families. Kelly is also trained in equine-assisted psychotherapy, and is currently completing her doctoral dissertation on the effects of equine-assisted psychotherapy on overall physical and mental health.

At ECS Psychological Services Kelly provides child, adolescent, and adult psychological, neuropsychological, and behavioral testing. She specializes in neurodevelopmental, sensorimotor developmental, and psychiatric disorders such as ADHD, learning disabilities, mood and anxiety disorders, and pervasive developmental (autism spectrum) disorders.

Kelly’s Specialties:

  • Abuse and trauma (Post-traumatic stress disorder),
  • Anxiety disorders
  • Depression
  • Crisis Intervention