Rachel Moore, LMSW

Quick Biography

Rachel completed an undergraduate degree with majors in Psychology and Recreation Therapy focusing on neurobiopsychology and use of expressive arts/nature in therapy. Her Master of Social Work was completed at University at Albany with joint PhD work focused on holistic treatment of trauma.

Rachel has a diverse background, including over a decade of experience as a Critical Care level Paramedic and firefighter, early childhood education teacher at a nature-based school, and years of working with youth, individuals, and families in a variety of capacities including in community and college mental health settings.

As a therapist, Rachel employs a whole-person approach, addressing the mind, body, and spirit with her clients. Trauma/PTSD, grief, depression, anxiety, relationships, families, First Responders, religious trauma recovery, spirituality, and birth/mothering are among her major clinical interests. When working with Rachel, you can expect an experience tailored to your individual needs that gives you real tools to work with that can bring you both healing from the past and growth for the future.