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At ECS Psychological Services P.C. we understand the challenges of mothering. Parents of newborns, whether first time or a veteran, can experience both joy and significant stress with the birth of their child. Many new mothers feel sadness, fear, and anxiety after having a baby. These feelings are normal and are often referred to as “The baby blues.”

The onset of these symptoms usually occurs shortly after delivery and may persist for several weeks. Approximately 70% of women will experience the “baby blues.”

Symptoms may include:
Loss of appetite
Depression or loss of interest
Crying or irritability
Fear or unwanted thoughts

If symptoms persist for more than 2 weeks and you are experiencing an increase in depression, anger, anxiety, guilt, and/or inability to care for yourself or your baby, these may be signs of postpartum depression. If you or a loved one are experiencing these symptoms, discuss them with your health care provider.

You are not alone.

Many women feel shame and embarrassment which keeps them from seeking treatment.

New fathers can experience postpartum depression too. They may feel sad or fatigued, be overwhelmed, experience anxiety, or have changes in their usual eating and sleeping patterns. Fathers who are young, have a history of depression, experience relationship problems or are struggling financially are most at risk of postpartum depression.

At ECS, we have experienced clinicians who will work in tandem with your healthcare provider to diagnose and treat Postpartum Depression to enable you to feel like yourself again.