ECS Psychological Services, P.C. provides treatment for children struggling with anxiety, Asperger’s/autism, Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), behavioral problems, and bullying. We also provide treatment for depression, divorce, learning disabilities, social skill deficits, and trauma (physical, emotional, and sexual).

Childhood difficulties can significantly impact a child’s social skills, interpersonal relationships, self-esteem, school functioning, and family functioning. In children, typical symptoms might include anger and irritability, school difficulties, physical complaints, separation anxiety, lethargy, and sleep problems. Other children may present without a clear diagnosis but are struggling with issues such as bullying, peer pressure, academic pressure, and stress within the family system. These issues, if not addressed, can progress into larger problems as the child ages.

Various treatment approaches are used, including art therapy, play therapy, individual and family therapy, and joint sibling counseling. Treatment can provide children with the opportunity to expand their coping strategies to manage these pressures. Clinicians at ECS Psychological Services are trained to treat children from preschool through adolescence. It is our goal to help children feel comfortable and enjoy their time with us.